9 Black Bean Sauce Substitutes to Make Your Dish Appetizing

Black Bean Sauce Substitutes

One of the most popular sauces in Chinese cuisine is black bean sauce. It is made of salted fermented black soybeans, douchi, sugar, soy sauce, garlic, and other flavors. It has a sharp, salty, bitter and kind of umami-savory taste.  Black bean sauce is served with seafood, stir-fries and steamed dishes. You can find it … Read more

Grapeseed Oil Substitutes to Complete your Ingredient List

grapeseed oil substitute

Grapeseed oil is one of the most useful oils in cooking and skincare. It has many health benefits and high smoke point (around 420°F) which allows it to be used in searing meat and vegetables, serving as a topping for salads and baked goods. It comes with a neutral flavor  Grapeseed oil is popular particularly … Read more

Best Emmental Cheese Substitutes That You’ll Love

emmental cheese substitute

The versatile Swiss cheese, emmental cheese is the heart of many recipes. But on occasion, you may want an emmental cheese substitute to go with your food. The choice can seem tough, since emmental is often considered the “original” Swiss cheese.  Yet, there are several options that can be the right fit. This wonderful cheese … Read more

11 Carrot Substitutes for Desserts and Cooked Dishes

carrot substitute

Between so many root vegetables, carrots may be your favorite. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients and is one of the most widely used veggies for cooked dishes, desserts, smoothies and not only.  You can even eat it just the way it is and enjoy its sweet, earthy and woody flavor. Sometimes carrots are … Read more

Best Browning Sauce Substitutes Worth A Shot

browning sauce

Need a quick dash of browning sauce to give your recipe an excellent taste and flavor? It’s a bummer if you don’t have any at hand. However, these browning sauce substitutes can come in handy if you’re in a pinch and save the recipe. Some of them could even unlock your new method for cooking … Read more

Best Maggi Seasoning Substitutes To Tickle Your Tastebuds

maggi seasoning substitute

First made some time in the 1800s in Switzerland, Maggi Seasoning is a wonderful way to add flavor and color to your food. Maggi Seasoning or Maggi Seasoning Sauce is very popular in several countries and finds use with several foods. But what if you don’t have this magic condiment at hand and need a … Read more

10 Best Half and Half Substitutes And How To Make Them

half and half substitute

Half and half is the mixture of equal amounts of milk and cream. It’s a simple blend of two dairy products with a creamy texture used in baked goods, cream sauces, mixed drinks, pasta recipes, mashed potatoes and many more.  Sometimes you may run out of this useful dairy product and you may want to … Read more

9 Best Substitutes for Sesame Seeds To Try

substitute for sesame seeds

If you have ever used sesame seeds in cooking or baking then you should know how good it is for your health. You can eat them both raw and toasted.  We use sesame seeds as a condiment and topping for stir-fries, salads, soups, sushi as well as for tahini paste, baked goods, sweet and savory … Read more

8 Plum Sauce Substitutes with Sweet-Savory Flavors

plum sauce substitute

You often buy or make different sauces at home but when it comes to plum sauce, you realize that it’s something unique made with a traditional recipe.  And, yes, this sauce has a history, as it comes from the old Chinese cuisine and has become a favorite sauce in many other cuisines and restaurants.  Plum … Read more

10 Broccoli Rabe Substitutes for Main and Side Dishes

broccoli rabe substitute

Broccoli rabe is a green leafy vegetable that looks like broccoli but is practically closer to turnip. The entire vegetable is edible and full of vitamins. It is popular especially in Italian dishes but you can find it in California markets too.  It tastes nutty and has some bitterness. You can use this green in … Read more

8 Shiitake Mushroom Substitutes for that Unique Umami Taste

shiitake mushroom substitute

Shiitake mushrooms are an edible type of fungus originating from China and Japan. They contain a chemical called lentinan which is good for the immune system.  You can eat them both raw and cooked, but they are more often used in cooked dishes to bring out the best of their flavor.  Shiitake mushrooms have a … Read more

Celery Seed Substitutes for Hot and Cold Dishes and Not Only

celery seed substitute

Celery seeds taste like celery stalks only a bit stronger and with a bitter taste. They have a wide usage in culinary as a condiment. These tiny seeds are meant to season pickling, barbeque dishes, roasted veggies, salads, sauces, soups and potato dishes.  You can use different forms of celery to replace celery seeds as … Read more

Optavia Fueling Substitutes to Change Up your Diet

Optavia Fueling Substitutes

There are a lot of different fueling substitutes out there. Some people like to go with shakes, others prefer bars. And then there are those who like to mix it up with a combination of the two.  So, what’s the best way to fuel your body? Ultimately, it’s up to you and what works best … Read more

Substitutes for Lime Juice: Refreshing Citrus Flavors

substitute for lime juice

Lime juice is used in many dishes, cocktails, mixed drinks, sauces, marinades, fruit salads and sweets. It’s a citrusy and flavorful juice that you can replace with other juices, flavors and seasonings to have a similar taste in your dish.  In case, you have no limes in hand for a particular recipe or have allergies … Read more

Cloves Substitutes to Save the Warm Aroma of Your Dish

Cloves Substitutes

Whole cloves are dried brown buds that come from reddish flowers of a tropical evergreen tree. They are among the most intensely flavored spices. Their usage is more than versatile and clove has its special place in many traditional cuisines all over the world.  Cloves are usually used as an aromatic spice in savory dishes, … Read more

Creamy Substitutes for Milk in Mac and Cheese Pie Dish

substitute for milk in mac and cheese

Mac and cheese is a creamy pasta-pie that has a gooey texture, subtle and milky flavor. It originates from Italy but it has become popular all over the world.  This pie dish is made with milk which plays a great role in its preparation process and reflects not only on the taste but also on … Read more

Best Substitutes for Heavy Cream in Alfredo Sauce

substitute for heavy cream in alfredo sauce

Alfredo sauce is a pasta sauce made of heavy cream, melting butter and parmesan cheese all of which have their special place in it. If one of these ingredients is missing, you need to replace it with something else to get  a similar texture and flavor. Today, we’ll discuss substitutes for heavy cream in Alfredo … Read more

Millet Flour Substitutes to Use in Bakery and Savory Dishes

Millet Flour Substitute

Millet flour is an ancient whole-grain flour. It is naturally gluten-free and is considered to be one of the healthiest flours. It is included in many diet-friendly and gluten-free recipes despite the interesting fact that it was mainly used as a birdseed.  Millet flour is basically used in bread recipes, pancakes, cakes, brownies, cookies, muffins … Read more