Best Bread For Philly Cheesesteak – What’s Your Favorite?

What is the best bread for Philly cheesesteak to bring out its deliciousness to the max? There are quite a few options, ranging from the traditional hoagie bun to more modern solutions. 

The cheesesteak sandwich (or the Philly cheesesteak) has been around for almost a century now. Its traditional recipe and bread is still a great choice.

But, the modern world affords us more options – and many swear by these new possibilities. So, let’s take a closer look at what bread works best to accompany your cheesesteak.

10 Best Breads To Go With Your Cheesesteak

1. French Bread (Baguettes)

A good bread for the Philly cheesesteak is the conventional French bread or baguettes. This bread provides a sturdy structure to hold the fillings and a wonderful texture that you can enjoy.

Plus, it’s easily available and it’s very likely you already enjoy its taste and texture. A conventional baguette might feel too long and thin, so look for ones that are shorter.

2. Hoagie Roll

The hoagie roll is the traditional bread for the cheesesteak sandwich. These rolls are also popularly used for several different submarine sandwiches. And it makes sense. Hoagies are incredibly versatile. 

You could make the bread by allowing the yeast to ferment or go right ahead without fermentation. Or, you could toast it before making the sandwich. Whatever you choose, the hoagie roll won’t disappoint. 

3. Ciabatta

Ciabatta could take a usability style very similar to the hoagie roll. It has some similarities in appearance and thickness, but this Italian bread can modify the texture of your philly cheesesteak for more goodness.

It’s crumbly enough to allow easy and quick bites, yet thick enough to hold the filling. Ciabatta’s open structure lends itself very well to absorbing the flavor from the filling.

4. Sourdough

This feels like more of a surprising option than a real one. Yet, make no mistake, sourdough makes for an excellent bread to go with your cheesesteak.

Its rich flavor and chewy texture can be the perfect match for the cheesesteak filling. The flavor absorption and the overall feel of the sandwich gets pretty good with some sourdough.

5. Sourdough With Rye

Don’t fancy simple sourdough bread? Well, this one uses a combination of conventional wheat flour and rye flour. It’s pretty rich in flavor and texture, which makes the rye sourdough an excellent pick for the cheesesteak.

6. Naan

Well, here’s a surprising addition with a fusion of cuisines. The Indian naan bread is famous enough. This flatbread is flavorful and can have a nice flavor depending on the naan you choose. It also goes fabulously with the cheesesteak.

Well, this fusion can require some changes to the serving style. Using two naan pieces to hold it can prove to be overkill. Folding it like a taco or making a roll works as well. The results are delicious and the combo works surprisingly well!

7. Tortilla Wrap

Speaking of folding a naan like tacos – the tortilla wrap makes for a great option too! The cheesesteak can go inside the tortilla wrap and makes for a decent combination. You could fold it into something like a burrito and enjoy an excellent meal.

There is a whole variety of tortilla wraps to choose from. However, the whole wheat tortilla wrap works best in this scenario. These wraps are somewhat thicker and don’t fall apart easily, unlike the crunchier and thinner wraps like those made from corn. 

8. Pita Bread

Pita bread is another unlikely, yet delicious companion to cheesesteak. Using this bread won’t make your conventional sandwich, but it will make a combination that’s thoroughly enjoyable and worth a taste.

This bread is great at soaking up the juices and flavors from the cheesesteak. Pita pockets are open-faced and match with the fillings pretty nicely. 

Plus, the bread is sturdy enough that it holds the fillings without trouble and it won’t crumble as you take a bite. Simple as these qualities are, they make pita a fitting choice to use as the bread for your next philly cheesesteak.

9. Pain au Levain

Coming from French cuisine, Pain au Levain is a sturdy and crusty bread that can provide an excellent texture for our use. It’s a bit crusty, but not difficult to chew.

This bread also has a mild flavor connection with sourdough, so the familiarity in tastes can help move things along.

Though it’s not exceptionally thick, Pain au Levain is capable enough to absorb any moisture or juices from your cheesesteak filling.

10. Focaccia

Focaccia could be just what your heart wants. It’s soft, has a great mouthfeel, and goes wonderfully well with the cheesesteak filling. 

It will absorb moisture and flavor from the recipe, but remain a useful piece of bread to try. Apart from being soft and having a convenient bit, this bread has some other purposes too.

The bread doesn’t crumble easily and its food is fit for consumption whether you do it by hand or choose to pick a fork to enjoy your meal. 

Things To Know In Choosing The Right Bread For Your Philly Cheesesteak

Since its inception, the philly cheesesteak has a bread that accompanies it. So far, this bread and cheesesteak combo has worked great and the popularity of the philly cheesesteak keep growing.

The traditionally preferred bread is the hoagie roll. This roll is usually thick enough to absorb moisture from the filling without getting (or feeling) wet. It also has a great texture and flavor, which completes the overall flavor and mouthfeel for the famous recipe.

But, what if you want to change the bread for your Philly cheesesteak? There are quite a few options that can take that role and several make the list here.

Equally important, there are specific characteristics we want from the bread. Knowing our way around these can make things a whole lot easier.

Ideally, you want a bread that’s thick, white, and warm. Bonus points if the bread you choose is fresh. Soft breads are preferable to toasted breads. 

While crusty or toasted breads will work just fine with the sandwich, their use takes away the “authentic feel” of the Philly cheesesteak.

Choosing The Cheese For The Philly Cheesesteak

The conventional pick for the cheese to go into the Philly cheesesteak is American cheese or CheezWhiz. While these options are delicious, they may not feel ideal for some people.

If you want a more “natural”, perhaps healthier cheese, provolone will work just fine with the Philly cheesesteak.


So, what’s the best bread for Philly cheesesteak? I’d say sticking with tradition is a good idea and the good old hoagie roll will work the best with the cheesesteak. 

However, if you’re looking for more options, you can try enjoying the cheesesteak with the several breads listed in this article. 

Depending on how you want your Philly cheesesteak, some of these breads might work better than the original!

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