Best Graham Cracker Substitutes For Your Cooking Needs

Graham Cracker Substitute

Graham crackers are a treat to eat and often come in handy for recipes. Usually, they’re used as a topping when baking cakes, pastries, pies, and more.

But what if you chowed on the graham crackers and don’t have any left for baking? Choosing a suitable graham cracker substitute should solve that problem for you. 

There is no lack of viable substitutes for these crackers and you can work with plenty of options. Choose from several biscuits, cookies, crackers, or even different types of graham crackers.

We just have to make sure they go well with baking. Graham crackers crust is legendary and substitutes must live up to that legacy.

So, let’s see what the best options are to replace graham crackers in your food.

12 Substitutes For Graham Crackers To Try

1. Ice Cream Cones

What’s not to love about Ice cream cones? They are probably the best invention of humanity. Without going into the date of their invention, they’re probably the greatest thing since, and before, sliced bread.

Scoop up a nice ice cream with them, or make delicious pies. They go with all pies, but imagine how heavenly ice cream pie would be with a sprinkling of ice cream cones!

If you want a deeper flavor, give waffle cones a shot. They’re thicker than conventional ice cream cones, but they bring the taste of cookies and waffles to the mix.

2. Crisp Cookies

Crisp cookies represent a group of similar-tasting and similarly-made cookies. This includes graham crackers, gingersnaps, animal crackers, and a few other cookies.

At the end of the day, graham crackers are just a type of biscuits and similarly made biscuits will make for good substitutes. 

The specific cookie you want to use depends on the flavor and profile you want. Gingersnaps will bring the wonderful flavor of ginger, honey, and cinnamon to your pie.

While these flavors are awesome, they also limit your choice of pies. Gingersnaps will go best with pear, apple, or pumpkin pie.

Animal crackers will work with most recipes. To use them, simply put them in a bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Try to make these crackers into as fine a powder as possible. Using chunks will make the crust unstable.

3. Pretzels

The savory and delicious pretzels are a great choice to replace graham crackers in pie crusts or similar meals. Crunchy and buttery as they are, they will go fabulously with chocolate mousse or peanut butter.

Also, you get to eat more pretzels, which I count as an absolute win. Make it a point to crush them well so that they don’t weaken the crust. Also, don’t eat too many pretzels before crushing them or using them for the pie!

4. Cold Breakfast Cereal

Okay, so if you need a quick fix, breakfast cereal will do. Corn flakes, crispy rice cereal, or granola are all good. Mix and grind them together to make a nice powdery combination and use it to whip up the crust of the pie.

Plain corn flakes or crispy rice cereal could work individually too, though working with granola alone can be challenging.

5. Shortbread Crackers

Shortbread cracker crumbs can make amazing pie crusts. It helps that shortbread crackers are easy to crumble and have a suitable flavor to match pies. In many cases, they go so well that you’d be hard-pressed to figure if graham crackers have been substituted.

When using these, make sure that they’re in a powdery form. Put the crackers in a plastic bag or cloth, and crush them using a rolling pin. Aim for as fine a powder as possible.

Even though using a plastic bag is cleaner and easier, I’d suggest using a simple and clean cotton cloth for the job. Avoiding plastic seems like the smarter choice.

6. Coconut Macaroons

You know what I like about graham crackers and its substitutes? They’re all delicious. So is the pie they help make!

Coconut macaroons are flour-free, made from shredded coconuts and egg whites. These will give the crush a chewy texture, but they’ll also make it a delicacy you’ll love.

7. Oats

Rolled and crushed oats are a surprisingly good pick for your pies. Use the crushed oats as toppings for your choice of desserts, including pies, cakes, tarts, and cheesecakes.

Using oats will add a flavor of oatmeal cookies to your recipe. This is one of the healthier choices as oats are rich in several nutrients and fiber.

8. Marie Biscuits

Marie biscuits have a flavor and texture quite similar to graham crackers. There’s a touch of vanilla flavor in marie biscuits, but it is mild and goes great with pies, tarts, and cheesecakes.

Besides, marie biscuits are an old favorite and have a familiar taste to go with the preparation of these desserts.

9. Sandwich Cookies

Okay guys, here’s how we get the right substitute for graham crackers. Grab hold of sandwich cookies, crush them, and use them to make the pie crust.

I’ll suggest the old put cookies in cloth and hit ‘em with a rolling pin way to go about it, but you can pick your favorites. These cookies can make delicious, flavorful ingredients. 

Oreos, for example, are pretty much famous for their use in various baking recipes. When you go with sandwich cookies as the substitute, remember to skip adding sugar. These cookies bring more than enough sweetness to the recipe.

10. Digestive Biscuits

These biscuits are another excellent and healthy choice to go over as pie crusts. Digestive biscuits are rich in fiber and nutrition, so they add a better taste to your recipe.

Their firm texture and taste has a similarity to graham crackers, so the overall flavor and texture of the recipe won’t change dramatically with the substitution.

11. Saltine Crackers

Saltine crackers are very similar to graham crackers, only, they’re not as sweet! That little difference is easily fixed. Well, then what about the salt in saltine crackers?

These crackers aren’t overflowing with salt either, and a small amount of salt is often beneficial for baking recipes. It might change the recipe slightly, but overall you’ll find the texture and flavor to be pretty close to the original.

12. Sponge Cake

Sponge cake is an unusual but surprisingly effective choice for replacing graham crackers in desserts. Obviously, this isn’t an exact substitution, as the crust will change from hard to soft.

Yet, the remarkable flavor and texture of sponge cake can pretty much carry any recipe. Cinnamon, lemon, and vanilla work especially well with these cakes, but other flavors can be just as delicious.

What Is A Gluten Free Substitute For Graham Cracker Crumbs?

If being gluten-free is your primary concern, simply going with gluten-free graham crackers should fix the problem. Conventionally available graham crackers are not gluten-free.

Although, they are now available in gluten-free options as well, so you can make an easy choice. Remember to read the label carefully before buying!

Other options you could try are crushed rolled oats or coconut macaroons. Using oats in place of graham cracker crumbs will add a hint of oat cookie flavor to the recipe. If you match it right, it can elevate the dish to new levels.

Similarly, though coconut macaroons are different in taste and texture compared to graham crackers, their use can be very rewarding.

A chewy texture and flavorful ingredients can work wonders. Yes, you should prepare for a change in the recipe’s flavor and texture should you pick this route.

Choosing The Best Replacement For Graham Crackers In A Recipe

Finding a good graham crackers substitute is (thankfully) not as difficult as it sounds. Several options are as delicious and effective as the original. If you choose substitutes, remember to expect at least some change in texture and flavor.

It’s only natural that something like this happens. But these options are also fun and you might find something works better for your tastebuds than the original!

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