15 Fresh Arugula Substitutes to Choose for Raw and Cooked Dishes

Arugula, also known as rocket leaves, is a leafy green used with sandwiches, salads, pizzas, roasted vegetables and cooked dishes. It belongs to the mustard family and has similar bitter notes and fresh peppery taste. Baby arugula offers a milder taste while larger leaves come with a spicier flavor.  While many people like the taste … Read more

6 Best Za’atar Substitutes to Add a Change-Up to Dull Recipes

Despite the fact that za’atar is a unique blend of spices, it still has some good alternatives to use in cooking. Let’s first discuss what za’atar is and then pass on to the best za’atar substitutes.  What is Za’atar Seasoning? Za’atar is a blend of savory dried herbs native to Middle Eastern cuisine. It’s a … Read more

7 Chili Oil Substitutes: Homemade Recipes and Not Only

Chili oil is a common cooking ingredient in Asian cuisine. It’s made by infusing chili peppers with oil, and the end result is a spicy and flavorful condiment that can add zing to all sorts of dishes. If you’re looking for a chili oil substitute, here are seven options to consider. The best alternatives are … Read more

Sushi Roll VS Hand Roll: How Are They Different?

Sushi is one of the most popular dishes in Japanese cuisine. It’s recognizable and famous all around the world. While many people see sushi as essentially including fish, the key ingredient of the recipe is actually vinegared rice. The recipe often contains seafood or fish, though it’s not a necessity. Two common ways of serving … Read more

Sherbet VS Ice Cream: Explained And Detailed

The comparison of sherbet vs ice cream is an interesting one, especially in North America. In America, sherbet (or sherbert) is a frozen dessert, much like ice cream, though it can be something different in other parts of the world. Ice cream, however, is pretty much the same in all parts of the world. These … Read more

Elaborating The Difference Between Left And Right Twix

The wildly popular Twix chocolate bar has been around for more than 50 years. It was first introduced in the UK in 1967, though it reached American shores only in 1979. Twix is a caramel shortbread chocolate bar and the Left Twix and Right Twix variants are available with different packaging. So, what’s the difference … Read more

Great Northern Beans VS Navy Beans – Differences Explained

Beans from the legume family are common and a beloved ingredient throughout the world. There are more than 400 varieties of beans, most of them with very similar characteristics and some variations in flavor. How does one differentiate between beans that have a similar color and appearance, like with great northern beans vs navy beans? … Read more

Cajun VS Creole Seasoning: Everything There Is To Know

Cajun and creole seasoning are two famous spice blends that find use in a whole lot of recipes. These spice blends are similar and can thus prove to be confusing when picking the right choice. Let’s get started! So, let’s make things clearer to get a better understanding of cajun vs creole seasoning. With this … Read more

Best Substitutes for Peanut Oil in Cooking and Frying

Peanut oil has many health benefits, that’s why it is widely used not only in culinary but also in making medicine, soaps and skincare products. However, some people have peanut allergies, therefore they avoid using peanut oil in cooking.  On the other hand it is quite expensive and many look for budget-friendly alternatives. If you … Read more

Butter Beans vs Lima Beans: Are They Different?

How does a comparison of butter beans vs lima beans shape up? There are a lot of ideas and misconceptions about what these beans are and the differences between the two. You’d even find people simultaneously hating on lima beans and loving butter beans! Whatever the (perceived) differences, everyone can agree these beans come from … Read more

Semi Sweet vs Dark Chocolate – Are They The Same Thing?

Chocolates! The world has a lot of chocolates in countless brands and we love them all! Chocolate is amongst the most popular treats in the world, if not the most popular. Given its wide use, the chocolate is available in several variants. Some of these include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, and semisweet chocolate. … Read more

Pork Loin VS Pork Chop – How They’re Different

Pork loin vs pork chop is a tough comparison. Both these cuts come from the same part of the animal and show similar characteristics. However, there are changes that make them entirely different. In fact, though related, these cuts of meat are so different that they can’t substitute or replace each other in a meal. … Read more

10 Onion Substitutes for Raw and Cooked Meals

Onions are one of the most aromatic veggies that we usually have in our pantry. There are so many recipes where onions are a must. So you may look for an onion substitute for a number of reasons: If you have allergies from onions you’d better refer to alternatives.  There are cases when your pantry … Read more

Vegetable Stock vs Broth: Is There A Difference?

For most of us, a comparison of vegetable stock vs broth can feel like splitting hair. They feel pretty much the same and have pretty much the same taste. So, are they different names of the same thing, or is there even a viable difference? Many people say the difference between either is more of … Read more

Top 15 Farro Substitutes For Cooking

Farro is used both in sweet and savory dishes such as salads, soups and stews, meat-based dishes like hash, diet-friendly breakfast bowls, pilafs as well as side dishes, dairy or nondairy milk porridges as healthy meals.  This whole grain sold in markets includes spelt, einkorn, or emmer. It is not gluten-free and if you are … Read more

16 Best Cremini Mushroom Substitutes To Use in Versatile Recipes

Mushrooms are delicate and tasty foods with a wide range of nutrients. Cremini mushrooms are small dark brown mushrooms also called baby bella mushrooms with a subtle meaty texture and earthy-savory flavor.  Cremini mushrooms are widely used in cooking and baking especially in soups, pizzas, pastas, salads and roasted or grilled dishes. You can also … Read more

10 Nigella Seeds Substitutes to Use in Bakery and Not Only

Nigella seeds, also known as black seeds, have been used as a popular type of spice for many decades. Although some think that nigella seeds can’t be replaced with anything else because of their unique taste, there are indeed several nigella seeds substitutes for your recipes. So, whenever you can’t find nigella seeds in stores, … Read more

Malt Liquor VS Beer – What Sets Them Apart?

What sets apart malt liquor vs beer? Both of these look very much the same and are often brewed the same way. But if you’ve had either, you know they are very different products. Malt liquor has also gained some infamy as being the cheaper and inelegant option. However, it’s seeing a renaissance and malt … Read more

Arm Roast VS Chuck Roast: How Are They Different?

Usually, the key to differentiating between different cuts of meat is to go to the source. The part of the animal from where the meat comes is a good indication of its qualities and makes it easier to point out differences from other cuts. This is also a reason why the arm roast vs chuck … Read more

Rib Roast VS Prime Rib — Similarities And Differences

Rib roast and prime rib are terms often used interchangeably and for good reason – they’re both the same cut. To be more specific, prime rib is also known as the ‘standing rib roast,’ so there’s no wonder that it’s seen the same as rib roast. However, there are distinctions in the rib roast vs … Read more

Almond Flour vs All Purpose Flour – How Do They Compare?

Flour is the heart and soul of several recipes, especially baking recipes. All purpose flour has been the most popular choice for most of these purposes for a very long time. However, in the modern world, there is an entire crop of options and flours that you can use to match your taste and diet … Read more

Dill Seed VS Dill Weed – A Closer Look At This Herb

Dill is an unassuming but fairly common herb used in a variety of recipes across the globe. The herb comes from the Apiaceae family, which also includes other common herbs like coriander (cilantro), celery, fennel, carrot, parsley, caraway, and parsnip. No wonder the herb has something in common with all these options! However, it’s not … Read more

Convection Bake Vs Convection Roast – Things To Know

With convection settings becoming more popular on conventional ovens and microwave ovens, new and different cooking settings have come to focus. A big part of this is the use of convection and its different settings on modern convection ovens.  For many of us, these settings can be difficult to decipher. So, let’s take a closer … Read more

Scallions VS Shallots: The Differences And Details

There’s so much in common in scallions vs shallots comparison that one can forget that these are different food items. These foods are visibly different and have different tastes, even if they come from the same plant family.  Both these foods have points of overlap and points of difference. So let’s see what the differences … Read more

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