Avocado Oil Substitutes That Will Save Your Dish

Are you looking for an avocado oil substitute because your dish has it as a required ingredient? Many people use this oil for cooking and for salad dressings because it has a mild flavor and the refined version has a high smoke point. Instead of rushing out to buy avocado oil, you can use another … Read more

Best Palm Sugar Substitutes To Try

Palm sugar is used in sweet and savory dishes. If you are adventurous in your cooking, it is likely that you have come across this sugar in different recipes. You may wonder what is a good palm sugar substitute? After all, this sugar is often not easy to source since it is more widely used … Read more

6 Best Almond Extract Substitutes

An almond extract substitute that you can use in your sweets or baking may be just in your kitchen or bar. You may need almond extract to use in cakes, cookies, desserts, or other sweet dishes and find you don’t have it. In that case, you will have to make do with a substitute.  Almond … Read more

6 Substitutes For Stewed Tomatoes To Try

Stewed tomatoes can be used to make various sauces for pizza, pasta, salsa, soup, added to gravy dishes, stews, and even used as a base for many other foods. Tomatoes are highly nutritious, tasty, low in calories, and full of antioxidants that have many health benefits. They can also be had raw or cooked, lending … Read more

Top 9 Pearl Onions Substitutes For Your Cooking

You may need a pearl onions substitute when a recipe you are making requires it as an ingredient, because pearl onions could be difficult to find in many regions. At the same time they are often used in soups, stews, meat dishes, and even salads thanks to their mild flavor, crunchy texture and inherent sweetness.  … Read more

9 Best Mace Substitutes That Work

Are you looking for a mace substitute? Perhaps you have come across this ingredient in a dish and don’t know what it is. You are probably familiar with its companion spice, nutmeg, which is used in many more recipes. Mace is used in both sweet and savory dishes, in small quantities. Originating in Indonesia, this … Read more

12 Egg Substitutes For Meatloaf

Are you looking for an egg substitute for meatloaf? Eggs are important to bind the minced meat together in the form of a loaf – without eggs, there will be no loaf as the mix will fall apart even after baking. When you don’t have eggs, you need something other than eggs to bind the … Read more

11 Salad Oil Substitutes To Try

A Salad oil substitute works in many recipes. If you do not have salad oil handy, you can use one of the many alternatives that you may have in your kitchen. While salad oil is light and neutral oil, other oils may even be healthier and tastier options. You may be surprised to learn that … Read more

Olive Oil Substitutes – Find Healthy Options

If you are looking for an olive oil substitute, look no further. Sometimes you run out olive oil, sometimes the oil may have turned rancid and unusable. You may discover these factors when you have already started your preparations, or you may just need to make the salad dressing before serving. In such a situation, … Read more

Best Cocoa Powder Substitute That Can Be A Lifesaver

Numerous cake, brownies, and cookies recipes use cocoa powder as a primary ingredient in baking. However, when there’s a need to substitute cocoa powder, only limited information is known about the alternatives available. So, I’m here with the cocoa powder substitutes to enhance your baking experience. Learn more: Bittersweet Chocolate Substitutes Best Cocoa Powder Substitute … Read more

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