Best Seasoning For Mashed Potatoes – What Will You Choose?

Choosing the best seasoning for mashed potatoes will make your comfort food feel better and tastier. Mashed potatoes are versatile and will accept several seasonings and make everything taste better! 

If you want to be particular about it, there are several ways to choose the right seasoning for your food. You can simply rely on your tastebuds and make the right choice. Alternatively, consider the food serving with mashed potatoes to get the right vibes. 

Generally speaking, there are a few classic ways to preparing and seasoning mashed potatoes. You could also make some combos to get the right meal.

So, let’s see what our options are!

Top Choices For The Best Seasoning For Mashed Potatoes

1. Go Big With Butter, Herbs, And Spices

Mashed potatoes can be seasoned with something very simple like just salt. But sometimes, you can choose to go with a seasoning that’s more decadent. This one employs garlic salt, chives, paprika, dill weed, parsley, and butter.

Boil and mash the potatoes as you usually would, preferably with some milk and butter. Place them in a greased dish and top with all these seasoning herbs and spices. Put some chunks of butter over the potatoes as well.

Put them in an oven and bake for about 5-10 minutes at 350°F. Your wonderfully seasoned mashed potatoes are ready!

Depending on the amount of potatoes you’re cooking, you may want several layers of mashed potatoes and seasoning. I feel that with large quantities, it’s more sensible to use layers rather than using two huge layers of potatoes and seasoning.

Layering allows the seasoning to be better distributed and mixed well with the mashed potatoes.

2. Curry Powder

Curry powder is a brilliant mix of spices created to emulate the deep and wondrous flavors of Indian cuisine. It doesn’t usually have the complexity of Indian spices, but curry powder is quite adequate for its job. 

If you use curry powder, let the combination cook for a while. This allows the spices to cook for a bit, making them more aromatic. Besides, the turmeric in the curry powder tastes better when it’s cooked for a while.

3. Garam Masala

Here’s another seasoning option from Indian cuisine. Garam masala, is a complex spice mix used to garnish food. It adds a warmth to the food without making it hot and spicy. It’s often compared to curry powder, though garam masala is an authentically Indian spice mix. 

When adding this mix, keep in mind that it lacks salt. You might want to add some for flavor. Also, garam masala has a mild taste, though it’s quite aromatic. 

4. Garlic Powder

Garlic powder is a simple and quick way to get some seasoning and flavor into mashed potatoes without going overboard with the flavors. A dash of garlic powder should be enough. Be careful how much of this powder you add, because garlic can very easily overwhelm the taste and aroma of food.

5. Salt Or Pepper Or Both!

Salt and pepper are the quintessential pairing for food. That stands true for mashed potatoes as well. Using salt alone will help with the flavors of the food. Pepper adds some heat to the mashed potatoes and works well with the overall flavor.

You can use both these ingredients individually for your mashed potatoes. But, using them both is what makes a whole lot of difference! These ingredients bring out the best of the flavors from the mashed potatoes, while their own flavors add a new dimension to the taste.

6. Horseradish

At first glance, horseradish can look like a strange choice. But, as spices and herbs go, this is a wonderful seasoning choice for mashed potatoes. It adds a mild and savory heat to the mashed potatoes, while its color and texture also go well with the food. 

The heat and spice angle make sense once you realize that horseradish comes from the same family, and is closely related to mustard and wasabi.

Although, adding horseradish alone can feel too plain. Amp it up with some herbs and spices like parsley, chives, and garlic.

7. Cheese And More

Using some cheese can add a nice texture and flavor to the mashed potatoes. There are plenty of choices to use here. You could use parmesan, cheddar, or blue cheese to get the recipe going. Cream cheese is a decent option as well. 

The inherent sharp taste of cheddar or the flavors of parmesan can be a good seasoning and flavor option for mashed potatoes. Of course, if you’d like more, you can still use other ingredients. Kosher salt, spices, and herbs can go very well with this combo and help with the flavor.

8. Sauce – Soy Or Fish Sauce

The hints of umami and the deep flavors that sauces like soy sauce and fish sauce bring can definitely help with seasoning mashed potatoes. These are simple and quick ways to make the potatoes more flavorful without making any complicated recipes or additions. 

9. Onion Powder

Getting the seasoning and flavoring for mashed potatoes on point gets a lot easier with something like onion powder. The powder adds a nice touch of flavor, while also bringing excellent mouthfeel to the mix. 

Onion powder is an excellent spice to use here. It doesn’t bring a strong odor and won’t overpower the original flavors of the recipe. Using the right amount of this powder can help elevate the flavor of the food. 

10. Herbs – Thyme, Rosemary, And Basil

Herbs can do wonders with any recipe, so it makes sense that we would employ some of them for seasoning mashed potatoes as well. Using thyme, rosemary, or basil can be pretty useful in adding more flavor and aroma to mashed potatoes.

It’s not necessary to use these herbs in a combination. You could as easily use them individually. 

Rosemary is quite a pick. Its texture melds in nicely with mashed potatoes. It also adds a fragrance and a depth of flavor that bodes well for the enjoyment of the dish!

Thyme is another famous herb that can do wonders to the food it’s added to. Its mild, yet unique flavor becomes a nice match for the potatoes. Besides, thyme is well-regarded as an excellent seasoning herb and finds use in several recipes. It pairs with other ingredients with relative ease and helps with the overall flavor and aroma.

Basil is relatively less common for seasoning mashed potatoes, as compared to the other two herbs. Yet, its sweet and peppery flavor adds a zest to the recipe that’s worth the enjoyment it brings. 

11. Chives

Chives are an excellent option for flavoring and seasoning mashed potatoes. They come from the allium family. And while onions are the most famous of this bunch, chives are fairly popular too. 

They bring a strong flavor with notes of herbs and an onion-y touch, which goes well with the overall taste and flavoring of mashed potatoes. You could use fresh chives or cook them separately to caramelize them, then add them to the recipe.

Adding other ingredients like a touch of garlic, cumin, salt, and pepper can go a long way in making this a well-rounded seasoning.


There are plenty of options to choose from when you want the best seasoning for mashed potatoes. Herbs, spices, sauces, and several other ingredients can fit the role. Using the right seasoning adds more flavor to the mashed potatoes, which can sometimes feel bland.

While the right seasoning is subjective and dependent on the perception of your tastebuds, the options listed here should make it easier to pick your favorite!

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