Great Northern Beans VS Navy Beans – Differences Explained

Beans from the legume family are common and a beloved ingredient throughout the world. There are more than 400 varieties of beans, most of them with very similar characteristics and some variations in flavor. How does one differentiate between beans that have a similar color and appearance, like with great northern beans vs navy beans? … Read more

Cajun VS Creole Seasoning: Everything There Is To Know

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Butter Beans vs Lima Beans: Are They Different?

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Semi Sweet vs Dark Chocolate – Are They The Same Thing?

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Pork Loin VS Pork Chop – How They’re Different

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Vegetable Stock vs Broth: Is There A Difference?

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Malt Liquor VS Beer – What Sets Them Apart?

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Arm Roast VS Chuck Roast: How Are They Different?

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Rib Roast VS Prime Rib — Similarities And Differences

Rib roast and prime rib are terms often used interchangeably and for good reason – they’re both the same cut. To be more specific, prime rib is also known as the ‘standing rib roast,’ so there’s no wonder that it’s seen the same as rib roast. However, there are distinctions in the rib roast vs … Read more

Almond Flour vs All Purpose Flour – How Do They Compare?

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Dill Seed VS Dill Weed – A Closer Look At This Herb

Dill is an unassuming but fairly common herb used in a variety of recipes across the globe. The herb comes from the Apiaceae family, which also includes other common herbs like coriander (cilantro), celery, fennel, carrot, parsley, caraway, and parsnip. No wonder the herb has something in common with all these options! However, it’s not … Read more

Convection Bake Vs Convection Roast – Things To Know

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Scallions VS Shallots: The Differences And Details

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Sherry Vinegar vs Sherry Cooking Wine – What’s The Difference?

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Dried Cilantro vs Fresh: All You Need To Know

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Brown Sugar vs Cane Sugar: Sweetness Showdown

Find yourself trying to choose between brown sugar vs cane sugar? These sugars can look and feel remarkably the same, though they don’t always sport a similar appearance. Their appearance is largely due to the presence of molasses.  Conventional white, granulated sugar sees most molasses removed and hence sports a white color. Brown sugar and … Read more

Inside vs Outside Skirt Steak: Knowing The Difference

The famous skirt steak often gets a place amongst the most flavorful cuts. It comes in two varieties, the inside skirt steak and the outside skirt steak. Given that they both come from a similar source, what’s the difference between them? These are often thin and long cuts of meat, usually perfect for grilling. Let’s … Read more

Evaporated Milk VS Condensed Milk: The Difference Detailed

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Cane Sugar vs Granulated Sugar: What’s The Difference?

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Poblano vs Pasilla: How Do These Peppers Compare?

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Red Beans VS Kidney Beans: How They Differ

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Egg Noodle vs Rice Noodle: Understanding The Difference

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Fried vs Steamed Dumplings: Which One Should You Get?

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Top Sirloin vs Filet Mignon – What’s The Difference?

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Palm Sugar vs Cane Sugar – Key Details You Should Know

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Red Pepper Flakes vs Cayenne – A Thorough Comparison

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White Vinegar vs White Wine Vinegar: Key Points To Know

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Tomato Puree vs Crushed Tomatoes: How Different Are They?

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Marinara vs Spaghetti Sauce: Spotting The Difference

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Corn Meal vs Corn Starch: Differences You Should Know

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