Corn Meal vs Corn Starch: Differences You Should Know

What is the difference between corn meal vs corn starch? These are two very famous corn products, though they are very different, yet confusion persists in some cases about what these products are and what’s the best way to use them. Of course, these are both corn products and are called upon by several recipes. … Read more

Panang Curry VS Massaman Curry: All You Need To Know

Massaman curry and Panang curry both hold an important spot in Thai cuisine. Both of these are about as well-known as other key Thai curries like red curry, green curry, and yellow curry. Now let’s see where the other two curries are and how Panang curry vs massaman curry differ. Let’s get a closer look … Read more

Chicken Korma VS Butter Chicken – All You Need To Know

Considering their similarities, a comparison of chicken korma vs butter chicken is in order to understand what differentiates these recipes. They can look and taste quite similar, and in many cases, the variation between the recipes might have significant overlap.  This makes pointing out the differences between butter chicken and chicken korma rather difficult, especially … Read more

Sushi VS Sashimi VS Nigiri: Exploring Famous Dishes

Sushi, sashimi, and nigiri are famous dishes from Japan. They all involve seafood and have rather similar serving styles. While the difference is obvious to those familiar with the cuisine, for many of us in the western world, the comparison of sushi vs sashimi vs nigiri is somewhat unclear. Well, let’s dispel the doubts. We … Read more

Scotch Bonnet VS Ghost Pepper: The Hot Chili Face-Off

In a comparison of scotch bonnet vs ghost pepper, it is sensible to start with talking about the heat first. After all, both of these are well-known to be very hot chili peppers. Although there is more to this comparison than just heat. After all, the ghost pepper has held the crown of being the … Read more

Palm Sugar vs Coconut Sugar — All There Is To Know

Coconut sugar and palm sugar are increasingly popular sweeteners. They bring sweetness to the food but aren’t as intense as conventional refined white sugars. However, choosing between palm sugar vs coconut sugar can be a challenge unto itself.  One of the reasons for getting this sugar is that they’re both often labeled as palm sugar, … Read more

Fresno vs Jalapeno Pepper – Similar, Yet So Distinct

A comparison of Fresno vs jalapeno pepper is pretty interesting. They are very distinct peppers, yet they can be so similar that it becomes difficult to tell them apart. Both these peppers have plenty of uses and can sometimes be used interchangeably. It’s worth noting that they’re both very similar when they’re green. It’s common … Read more

Red Curry vs Green Curry: Understanding The Thai Delicacies

The wonderful Thai cuisine makes generous use of curry (or curry pastes) for food flavoring and taste. If we pit two of the famous options together, we can think of an excellent comparison in red curry vs green curry. As we can very well guess, the difference is more than just color! Both these dishes … Read more

Anchovies vs Sardines: Key Points To Know

Anchovies and sardines are both small fish, usually sold in cans. Their appearance is quite similar, which often leads to people confusing between these two very different fish. Let’s have a better look at anchovies vs sardines to see some key points and get a better understanding of what these fish are. These small-sized fish … Read more

Scotch Bonnet vs Habanero: Salient Points

In the world of spicy and hot peppers, a study of scotch bonnet vs habanero makes perfect sense. Both these peppers and their varieties and cultivars land amongst the hottest peppers in the world. Interestingly, scotch bonnet and habanero belong to the same plant genus and family.  However, there is a difference in their origin. … Read more

Pepper Jack Cheese vs Colby Jack vs Monterey vs Cheddar Jack

Getting good cheese can be an absolute culinary delight. However, with the countless varieties of cheese available for purchase, making a choice gets difficult. While some differences are easier, others get quite complex. For example, how can one differentiate between all the “Jack cheeses”?  Where do we stand with pepper jack cheese vs Colby jack … Read more

Chile California VS Guajillo Pepper: Spicy Pepper Showdown

These famous chilies pack subtle differences which we’ll find out with the Chile California vs Guajillo comparison. Both these chilis are fairly popular and find use in a wide variety of recipes. Their versatility is a big factor in the popularity of these chilis. They look incredibly alike, which is why a visual comparison isn’t … Read more

Difference Between Enchilada And Burrito Explained

Ever wondered what’s the difference between enchilada and burrito? Both these dishes are practically twins and have a very similar appearance and cooking method. So, why do they have different names? Well, as with burritos and chimichangas, there are subtle differences that set burrito and enchilada apart. These are Mexican foods that have gained quite … Read more

Butter Chicken vs Tikka Masala – What’s The Difference?

Butter chicken and chicken tikka masala are two very popular examples of Indian cuisine, available globally. If you visit an Indian or Indian-themed restaurant, there’s a good chance you’ll find both these dishes on the menu. And if you eat them, you might find them delightful, but pretty much the same! So what is the … Read more

Red Pepper Flakes vs Chili Flakes: Here’s What Matters

How do things stand in a red pepper flakes vs chili flakes showdown? Does it even matter? For an average user, the difference between the two barely registers. They’re both red, hot, and spicy, and that’s all my recipe wants! But, a better understanding of what these are and where they’re best used can make … Read more

Chimichanga vs Burrito – Popular Tex-Mex Foods Compared

They’re both highlights of Tex-Mex cuisine, but what’s the real lowdown on chimichanga vs burrito? They have very different names, but both these delicacies look suspiciously similar. And if we scratch the surface, we realize that they have a lot of similarities.  Given how similar they are, is there any difference beyond the name? Well, … Read more

Carolina Reaper VS Ghost Pepper: Spicy Showdown

Carolina reaper and ghost pepper have both received their share of attention. While some of it is for their culinary uses, a lot of it comes down to how insanely hot these peppers are. In some ways, Carolina reaper vs ghost pepper comparison is a whole lot about how spicy they are. But let’s not … Read more

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