10 Dried Mango Powder Substitutes You Don’t Know

Dried mango powder, also known as amchoor powder, is a fruity seasoning used in marinades, soups, curries, meats and vegetable dishes. 

It’s something between tamarind and lime juice and tastes sour-sweet. It is popular in Indian and Pakistani cuisines. 

So, if you face difficulties finding this condiment, you may use some of the most suitable substitutes below. 

The best dried mango powder substitutes are tamarind powder, tamarind paste, anardana powder, green mango puree, loomi powder, lime or lemon juice, citric acid powder, sumac, chaat masala, pineapple and homemade mango powder. 

1. Tamarind Powder or Tamarind Paste

If you have either tamarind powder or tamarind paste in your condiment racks, then you have the best and most suitable replacer for dried mango powder.

 Thanks to its subtle fruity notes and slight sweet-sour taste, tamarind takes the first place on this list. 

Tamarind powder is made of a tropical fruit of tamarind  and is used in many Indian and Asian dishes as a sour spice that balances spicy flavors. You can use it in sauces, beverages and even sweets and candies.

As for tamarind paste, it is made of crushed tamarind and includes the seeds and the fibers which make its flavor deeper and stronger. You can use it with curries and fish. 

2. Anardana Powder

The ground version of pomegranate seeds is called anardana powder. Just like mango, pomegranate offers a mixture of sour and sweet flavors. It is often used in savory dishes as a dressing. 

So, when it comes to dried mango powder, you can use anardana powder instead. 

Compared to mango powder, anardana powder is much sweetener and you should be careful with the ratios to get the desired level of sourness. 

3. Green Mango Puree

What about green mango puree? You can get organic green mango puree from grocery stores and use it as a condiment instead of amchoor. 

This alternative is suitable for liquid dishes, sauces and curries. It’s a kind of fresh version of dried mango powder and will bring a mild tangy-sweet flavor to your dish. 

If you have fresh green and raw mangoes in hand you can make this puree at home too. 

4. Loomi Powder

Loomi, also known as black limes, is dried, salted preserved lime widely used in Middle Eastern dishes. The powdered version of this citrusy spice is a good alternative to dried mango powder. 

They taste similar, look similar and the purpose of usage is also similar. You can add loomi powder to  soups, sauces, meat marinades, cooked dishes and salads as a souring agent. 

5. Lime or Lemon Juice

An easy and quick substitute for dried mango powder is lime or lemon juice. You can use them in a wide range of recipes starting from salads to marinades and from cooked dishes to stews. 

You can get the desired level of acidity for the dish as well as keep its freshness with one of these ingredients. 

Lime or lemon are a little bit too sour compared to dried mango powder and you need to start with small amounts. 

6. Citric Acid Powder

Citric acid powder is often used in drinks and foods to add a mild sourness. While some varieties of citric acid powder are made of organic food including oranges, grapefruit, lemons and the like, other types may be of synthetic origin.  

It is usually sold in crystal form and you may need to crush it or grind before using. You can use this to enhance the sourness of the dish if you don’t have dried mango powder in hand. 

7. Sumac

Sumac is a popular fruit-based spice native to Middle East and Mediterranean cuisines. This powdered seasoning is made of dried and ground berries of the wild sumac flower that tastes like lemon and has the desired tart and tangy flavor similar to amchoor. 

Note that it has a bright red color and may change the color of your dish.  It is also known for its health benefits from ancient times. 

8. Chaat Masala

Made of dried mango powder, tamarind powder, dried pomegranate seeds and black salt chaat masala is a powder spice mix originating from South Asia. 

Actually, there is no specific recipe for this spice blend. Every cook chooses the spices according to their taste but since mango powder is one of the most essential ingredients in it, you can use it instead of dried mango powder in many dishes from Indian, South Asian and other cuisines. 

9. Fresh Pineapple or Pineapple Juice

Pineapple is another exotic fruit that tastes sweet and sour at the same time and can serve as a great amchoor substitute. You can use either pineapple juice or freshly sliced pineapple, depending on your recipe.

Pineapple juice is perfect for cooked dishes, soups, stews and meat marinades. Fresh and finely chopped pieces, on the other hand, will work well with salads, vegetables dishes and other meals as a dressing. 

Note that pineapple is sweeter and make sure you use not fully ripe pineapple for a better result. 15 grams of sliced pineapple is equal to 1 tablespoon of dried mango powder. Additionally, half a tablespoon of pineapple  juice equals 1 tablespoon of mango powder. 

10. Homemade Mango Powder

If you have green unripe mangos in your kitchen then there is no need to rush after another substitute for dried mango powder. You can make it at home and always have it in hand. 

Peel the mangoes, finely slice them and place them on a dry cloth or sheet. Let them dehydrate naturally under the direct rays of the sun for about 4-5 hours. Make sure they don’t change color. 

Then keep them in a dry and warm place at night and repeat the process the next day. Once they are completely dry, you can make a mango powder by grinding those slices. 

FAQs on Dried Mango Powder

How long does mango powder last?

You can store for a year in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. 

What’s the benefits of mango powder?

Dried mango powder comes with antioxidants that help to improve metabolism. It also helps to lose weight. 

Can I add dried mango powder to drinks? 

Dried mango powder is often included in diet-friendly drinks including weight loss beverages and other healthy drinks. 


Did you find the desired dried mango powder substitute? Of course some options may not be available in common grocery stores but you can find them from Asian, Indian or Middle Eastern stores. 

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