10 Tasty Lo Mein Noodle Alternatives to Try

Chinese cuisine is already known across the globe and Lo Mein noodles is a representative dish that has become especially popular in America. While this savory food has appealed to many consumers, there are several Lo Mein noodle alternatives that are on par in deliciousness. So, don’t be too disappointed when there are days you … Read more

Can You Substitute Heavy Cream For Milk? Here’s the Truth

You’re in the middle of baking and are hyper-focused on getting everything right, grabbed your milk bottle from the fridge to add to your wet ingredients, but alas, you barely got a quarter of a cup. Then at the corner of your eye, heavy cream calls you. The question is, can you substitute heavy cream for … Read more

Nutritious Oat Bran Substitutes to Try in Your Next Meal

Oat bran has become a popular ingredient thanks to its flavor and nutritional benefits. Helping lower cholesterol while providing satiety and nutrients is a huge deal for diets these days. Oat bran delivers all these so it is now often consumed in place of breakfast cereals or added in baked goods like cookies and muffins. … Read more

12 Delicious Arborio Rice Substitutes to Cook

A type of short grain rice, arborio rice is loved for its creamy consistency that goes perfectly in dishes like risotto. If you find it hard to buy this rice in your local grocery stores, don’t worry; there are several arborio rice substitutes that you can use for similar recipes. Arborio rice is named after … Read more

12 Soba Noodle Substitutes You Can Try

Soba is a popular kind of Japanese noodles and is one of the representative dishes of Japan. Made from buckwheat flour, soba noodles appear thinner than spaghetti or ramen. It can be served cold or hot making it a versatile ingredient for seasonal recipes. As much as this food is loved by many, there are … Read more

9 Borlotti Beans Substitutes To Fill You Up

Borlotti beans, also called cranberry beans, are a delicious addition to a variety of recipes. It has unique-looking pods with a white or brown base color and a sprinkle of red flecks all over. For countries like Italy, Portugal, and Mexico, these beans are a staple ingredient for making comforting and hearty meals.  Since borlotti … Read more

10 Spicy White Pepper Substitutes to Upgrade Your Recipe

White pepper is a mild spice that does wonders to a dish. Its musty, grassy, and spicy flavor gives a great tang to a recipe. With its less pungent heat and more earthy flavor, it is easy to blend and mix with different ingredients.  Seeing this spice in a recipe might have taken you aback … Read more

10 Great Curing Salt Substitutes To Preserve Meat

Two hundred years ago, curing salt was necessary so that our ancestors could preserve meat. But today, do you have to use curing salt when you’re preserving meat? The answer is not really. There is more than one curing salt substitute that makes it possible to cure meat. Let’s take a look at these substitutes … Read more

Best 11 Adobo Sauce Substitutes to Make Savory Dishes

Adobo sauce exists in various cuisines. Each place has a different take to it, altering its taste and in effect, its recipe uses. If you hope to create a dish that requires this sauce, try out other adobo sauce substitutes that are as flavorful and do wonders for your meals. Again, note that depending on … Read more

11 Nutritious Chickpea Substitutes to Upscale Your Recipes

Chickpeas are among the most popular legumes consumed in the world. This flavorsome bean is a massive component in cooking South Asian, Middle Eastern, African, and Mediterranean cuisine. But just about any country and cooking style can benefit from this nutritious food.  While it is accessible and flavorsome, others may not like eating this pea … Read more

10 Chicken Stock Concentrate Substitutes to Try

For many dishes, chicken stock concentrate is an ingredient that would save you from using too many ingredients or risking yourself to a flavorless meal. It is an efficient flavoring that is easy to use and works great for many recipes. However, you don’t really have to always use this for all your meals. There … Read more

Hot Caraway Seeds Substitutes to Spice Up Your Meal

Caraway seeds are an ingredient that can be used to improve the taste and aroma of your meals. Aside from this, it is a great addition to dishes that aren’t all about the fancy taste, rather, about the medicinal goodness of the meal.  They have a distinct taste and can make recipes more flavorful and … Read more

Ten 00 Flour Substitutes For Your Pizza and Pasta

00 flour is one of the common ingredients in Italian cooking especially  when it comes to pasta and pizza dough. This fine grind flour gives a really smooth texture to your recipes. However, if you are running out of it, don’t worry. There are 00 flour substitutes that can yield similar results to your food. … Read more

11 Brown Rice Flour Substitutes to Ace Your Recipes

If you do gluten-free baking and are into mindful eating, you’re probably a fan of brown rice flour. This flour is a rather popular ingredient thanks to its nutritional benefits and distinct taste. Even so, plenty of brown rice flour substitutes can work for the same recipes if you don’t have this in stock. When … Read more

8 Flaxseed Substitutes to Incorporate in Your Recipe

A superfood celebrated for its nutritional content, flaxseed has become a popular addition in many recipes. It does not only add health benefits to a meal but also an enjoyable texture and subtle taste. If you’re a fan of this seed and find you’ve run out of stock, check out your pantry for flaxseed substitutes … Read more

12 Semolina Flour Substitutes to Cook With For Your Inspired Dinner 

It’s almost time for dinner. You’re thinking about cooking some pasta, some bread, or maybe a homemade pizza. As you search through some recipes, you smile as you see familiar ingredients that are already in your pantry.  Then among the list, semolina flour comes up as a hot suggestion to make a delicious authentic Italian … Read more

11 Convenient Lard Substitutes to Get By

Lard is the answer to all the extra crunch needs that make each meal so savory and textured. When you want to get that flaky crust in pies or cakes or you want to have that crispylicious turkey skin, you’d most definitely reach for some lard for your recipe. If not, getting some lard substitutes … Read more

Best 8 Substitutes for Wheat Bran for Your Baking Treats

Wheat bran is healthy and rich in fiber, an excellent ingredient for making delicious nutritious meals. However, for people who have celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten, wheat bran is a no-go.  So if you’re unable to process food with gluten or simply don’t have wheat bran available, we have found some substitutes for … Read more

9 Apple Cider Vinegar Substitutes To Keep the Zing in your Cooking

Apple cider vinegar has become a household favorite for its tons of uses. For a time you run out of apple cider vinegar at home while cooking or preparing a recipe that calls for ACV, we have listed our top 9 choices for apple cider vinegar substitutes. Because of apple cider vinegar’s antimicrobial and antioxidant … Read more

Best 9 White Balsamic Vinegar Substitutes to Boost Your Dish

White balsamic vinegar is made from sweet, white Trebbiano grape pressings which are called ‘must’ that are simmered for hours until they thicken and caramelize. The process of aging in barrels made from different kinds of woods adds character to the vinegar.  White balsamic vinegar is fantastic in vinaigrettes, salad dressings, sauce, and vegetable dishes. … Read more

9 Best Oat Flour Substitutes to Use in Baking Delicious Treats

When it comes to nutritious delicious baked goods, using oat flour is the key. Oat flour gives a more interesting and beneficial result to a recipe. While overall mild in taste, this flour gives irresistible nutty notes with a sweet and toasty aroma to food. Oat flour can give your baked treats a chewier, denser, … Read more

6 Pork Shoulder Substitutes For Exquisite Lunch Or Dinner Meals

Pork shoulder is excellent for pulled pork, carnitas, and braised pork. It is one of the most popular cuts as it can be cooked in many different ways which you can serve for lunch and dinner.  Because of its popularity, it can be difficult to find some pork shoulder unless you are quite familiar with … Read more

Top 8 Italian Sausage Substitutes that are just as Meaty

If Italian sausage has always been your go-to option but you’re finally ready to expand your palate, there are plenty of Italian sausage substitutes that are as meaty and delicious.  Italian sausage comes in varieties, hot or sweet are the common choices. Hot Italian sausage is made from pork and seasoned with garlic, anise seed, … Read more

Flavorful Parsley Substitutes to Garnish and Enhance Your Dishes

Parsley is a great ingredient in adding flavor and improving the aesthetic appeal of your recipes. Its leafy appearance improves the presentation of your dish while its taste blends and emphasizes other flavors. If it is not available in your kitchen, don’t fret because there are plenty of parsley substitutes that can turn your recipes … Read more

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