What To Serve With Tri Tip Roast – Ideas And Tips

Made with meat from the sirloin, the tri tip roast is a flavorful and amazing delicacy. Its wonderfully smoky flavor can be the heart and soul of a BBQ or cookout. Given how delicious and sought-after this roast is, it’s a bit of a surprise how quick it is to prepare. 

Yet, for all its goodness, this dish can certainly benefit from some side dishes or other accompaniments. So, what to serve with tri tip roast

Ideally, the side dish can perfectly complement the goodness of the roast. It’s best to avoid something that has a flavor that can overpower or deviate from the taste of this wonderful dish.

So, let’s take a good look at some options and ideas on side dishes that go with the tri tip roast.

Ideas For Side Dishes That Go With Smoked Tri Tip

1. Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are a great companion to tri tip roast. They’re quick to prepare, taste good, and don’t take much preparation. 

Besides, the flavor of baked potatoes is good enough to accompany the smoky flavors of the tri tip without overpowering them. Baked potatoes are a favorite in their own right, so it makes sense to have them accompany your wonderful food!

2. More Potato Side Dishes

Want something more than just a baked potato to accompany the tri tip roast? Well, the versatile potato has many options you can choose from. Some of these might require a bit more work, but as recipes go, they remain fairly simple to prepare. 

Plus, there’s the benefit of having something more suited to your taste. The versatile potato is really good at adapting to tastes and various cooking methods. Some potato side dishes you could try are:

  • French Fries: This old favorite and fried recipe goes a long way and adds a crunchy texture and comfort food to go with the smoked food.
  • Sweet Potato Fries: Want something different than the classic French fries? Sweet potato fries can seal the deal. They take a bit more effort to prepare, but are quite a treat. Some seasoning like pepper, smoked paprika, or a dip add more to this dish.
  • Whipped Sweet Potatoes: This creamy treat makes for a nice side dish. If you’re so inclined, you could also use it as a dip.
  • Mashed Potatoes: The old favorite and easy to make mashed potatoes go very well with most dishes, including tri tip.

3. Garlicky Mushrooms

Mushrooms go impressively well with meat dishes. Their texture provides a nice balance to the juicy tri tip and their flavor accentuates the taste of the meat further. 

A good thing is that this dish is easy to prepare. Pick some mushrooms, wash them, and carefully chop them. Put the mushrooms in a pan with some oil and crushed garlic, and let them cook for a few minutes. You could also add some salt and pepper for flavors and seasoning.

Some recipes suggest adding garlic at the end. In my opinion, that’s a bad idea. Raw garlic is pungent and doesn’t taste good. It will also add a strong smell to the dish. Cook the garlic with the mushrooms for a better flavor and aroma.

4. Grilled Corn On The Cob

If you’re out grilling and enjoying a BBQ, grilled corn on the cob makes great sense as a side dish. Make some grilled corn on the cob or use the classic recipe.

Whatever choice you make, corn on the cob will work great as a side dish. It’s a famous and well-loved food and it makes all the sense to serve it with the tri tip roast.

5. Fried Rice

Fried rice is a treat on its own. When paired with tri tip roast, both dishes get better! All it takes is some cooked rice, veggies, and some garnish to go along.

You can have several variations of the recipe by choosing the vegetables you want to add or with changes to the seasoning. 

Though this dish takes a little bit of time to prepare, it doesn’t take a lot of effort and is a fairly convenient choice for a good cook.

6. Pick A Choice Of Salads

Salads go remarkably well with most dishes, including smoked tri tip. They’re healthy and a favorite choice to pair with several recipes.

There is a lot of variation in salads, so you can take your time and pick one that works best for your taste buds. 

Or, you could prepare a few salads and let your guests go along with what they prefer. As versatile and flexible as they’re delicious and healthy, salads can also pair well with other side dishes, should you choose to add a lot of options with the food

Here are a few salads you could consider:

1. Avocado And Beets Salad:

This simple salad puts together a few pieces of avocado and beets to great use. You can choose to slice or dice them, and the combination will stay perfectly fine.

The salad dressing could be olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. You could also add a few pieces of pistachios, walnuts, and lettuce to this salad.

2. Steamed Broccoli:

Looking for something simple and healthy? Steamed broccoli can hit the spot. Made with broccoli florets, the dish is easy to make, has a good texture, and goes well with most recipes.

3. Peach And Cheese Salad:

This salad can feel like something unusual, an almost exotic pick to go along with the tri tip roast. Yet, it goes very well with meat dishes, including the tri tip. Slice some peaches, red onions, tomatoes and basil.

Grilled peach is also a good option and some actually prefer it to raw peaches for this salad. Mix them well with goat cheese and the salad is ready. A dressing and salt can help add more flavors.

7. Green Beans With Cream

Green beans and mushrooms go splendidly with meat as a side dish, and they’re remarkably easy to prepare. Slice some green beans and mushrooms. As the next step, cook them in a pan with some oil or ghee. 

Adding a bit of crushed garlic will enhance the flavor. A few spoons of sour cream added when cooking the beans will help make the dish more creamy and flavorful.

Use only a small amount of cream – enough to add flavor and creaminess, but not so much to smother the beans or make a gravy!


Looking for what to serve with tri tip roast? Well, there are several side dishes that go remarkably well with this food. You can go with classics like French fries or baked potatoes, or choose something more like salads or fried rice.

The list here has some great options that you could choose from and make great companions for the tri tip.

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